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Filmmakers & Friends,


Regarding this year's HUG Film Festival...We aren't going to hold it in March but if we decide to host it at a later date we will post details here and on the HUG Facebook page. If you have questions, please email us at:


-Dan & Jessica Frank



We are so excited to announce the 4th annual HUG Student Film Festival.  Create a short film, two to five minutes in length, depicting people, stories, or events from history.  You may use live action, puppets, stop motion or whatever else you can come up with.  Films may be silent, with just music, or have dialogue.  The films will be shown on a full-sized movie screen in Fort Collins!  Prizes will be awarded according to age group (see below for details).  Feel free to contact Dan or Jessica Frank with any questions.


Entry Rules:

Submit the entry form and payment to Jessica Frank by January 31, 2020. 

- You can either print the document and fill it out by hand, or select "File->Make a copy" from the google docs page, and fill out the document before printing.


There is a fee of $7.00 for each student participating in the making of the film.  This $7 covers your entry fee for the Student Film Festival, your ticket to the screening in March, and a t-shirt. (Additional tickets for family and friends may be purchased for $7/ticket.)


You may have as many students participating in your film as you'd like.  However, each student may participate in only ONE film.


Please fill out one entry form for each film to be entered.  For example, if your family has 5 kids and the older two are making a film together and the younger three are making a film together, then you will need to submit TWO entry forms.


Entry forms will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis until we reach the maximum number of films allowed. Please submit your entry form as early as possible in order to secure your spot.

Film Rules:


(Unsure if your content is acceptable? Email

-Must have a minimum resolution of 720p

-Must be between two and five minutes long

-Must depict people, stories, or events from history

-Must be family-friendly for all ages** 

(**We realize that history often involves war, violence, and death, but please do your best to

depict this in a way that is not disturbing for younger children.)

After you create your film, you must post it on YouTube and email the link to by March 1Be sure to include the names of the participants (and their ages) in your email. 


If your film doesn’t meet the requirements due to length or content, you will be given a three-day window to edit the film.  If, after the edit, the film still does not meet requirements, then it will not be included in the screening.


***All movies must be received by March 1st. 

No refunds will be given.***

Judging Guidelines:

Films will be judged according to the following criteria:



Originality, creativity, script, plot, and pacing

Technical Excellence:

Cinematography, animation, lighting, sound, and special effects

Overall Quality:

Stage or voice acting, final production quality, entertainment value, and overall impression of quality


Age Groups:

12 yrs and under

13 to 18 yrs

Unlimited - any age

There will be first and second place prizes in each age group as well as an overall winner.  The overall winner can come from either age group.  The age group the film competes in will be determined by the oldest participant. 

*There will also be an "unlimited" category for families or groups with older participants.  "Unlimited" groups must have at least one member 18 or under.  Films entered in the "unlimited" category will not be eligible for the overall award.

Prizes will be determined by entry fees and ticket sales.

Movie-making apps/software:

The following software and apps are helpful movie-making tools, but students are NOT required to use them:

Stop Motion and Animation Software:

OSnap! (free and paid versions available)
Stop Motion Studio (free version available, paid upgrades).

DragonFrame (expensive but powerful)

Sketchbook (free)

Editing Software:

Davinci Resolve (free and paid versions available)

Lightworks (free with subscription for higher resolution publishing)

Audio Capture and Editing:

Audacity (free)


Digicam Control  (free)

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