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For the safety and privacy of our members, all upcoming event information will now be shared exclusively with HUG families in the following ways:

1. FACEBOOK - Facebook is the best way to connect with our group and get information and updates about upcoming events! Don't miss out on all of the great community on our private HUG Facebook page! Many people join our Facebook Page using a very basic profile and only use it to connect with our homeschool group. Members use it to connect, encourage one another, ask questions, sell curriculum, and share upcoming events pertaining to homeschooling. HUG sponsored events will be posted under the "Events" tab on HUG's closed (i.e., private) Facebook page. If you're a member of HUG, then you can easily join our Facebook group! Simply click on this link and then click on the "join group" button. (If you're not a member of HUG, then you can request membership here. Once your membership request is approved, then you may request access to our Facebook group.)

2. HUG Event Calendar on the Website - Information regarding HUG sponsored events will now be available through under the NEWS & EVENTS section. To view the calendar you must be a HUG member and sign up for an account on this site. Once approved you will be able to log in and view the calendar. Please email us if you are not approved in a timely manner or can't view the calendar. To create an account for, use the "Log In" drop down in the top right corner. Please note: Only HUG sponsored events and park days are listed on the website event calendar. 

QUESTIONS? Please email

We'll be happy to answer questions about upcoming events and HUG-related matters.

Thanks, friends! We look forward to connecting with you soon!

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