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Frequently Asked Questions

All ages! We intentionally design this day to appeal to preschoolers and teens alike, so there should be plenty of fun for everyone in your family. Whether your child is 4, 10, or 15, he/she will likely (hopefully!) have a great time!

1. What ages is this event for?

2. We're new. Will my kids have a chance to meet friends?

Yes, for sure! Field Day is a great opportunity to meet fellow homeschoolers. For the first hour, we divide the kids into groups so that they can play games with kids of similar ages (ages 4-6, 7-9, 10-12, and 13+). After these group games, we set everyone free to play whatever games/activities interest them. This balance of 1 hour of organized activities followed by 2 hours of "free time" seems to allow friendships to grow naturally... both for the kiddos and for the parents! ;-)

3. My kid is not athletic. Will he/she still have fun?

Yep! Our Field Day offers a mix of traditional activities (like tug-of-war and the 50-yard dash), plus quirky games/challenges (like the dizzy relay and rubber chicken throw). We also have low-key options scattered around the field, including horseshoes and chess boards. Kids are welcome to participate in whatever interests them, even if that's just relaxing and chatting with friends.

4. What should we bring?

Please bring water bottles, sunscreen, a picnic lunch, and a picnic blanket or lawn chairs for your family. This park offers very little shade (2 pavilions), so you might want to bring a SMALL pop-up tent or canopy as well (stakes longer than 4" are not permitted at this park).

5. What if it rains?

Everyone knows that the weather in May is highly unpredictable. A stray shower and/or chilly temps will not impact Field Day. We'll still have a great time! HOWEVER, if the weather is expected to be stormy, then we will reschedule Field Day for safety reasons. All participants will be notified by email if there's a change in plans.

6. Do you offer refunds?

Here's the deal: there are a number of costs associated with field day (park rental fee, materials for games, medals, etc.), and those costs are nonrefundable. We will do everything we can to work with a family who needs a refund, but we can't guarantee it. Please reach out to Meredith Hooker at if you have questions.

7. What do parents do at Field Day?

Most parents spread out their picnic blankets and chat with friends while they keep an eye on their kiddos. We will have a few "kids vs. parents" games (like tug-of-war and the 50-yard-dash) for any parents who want to have a bit of fun with their kids. ;-) 

8. Is food available?

In an effort to minimize costs, we will not be serving food this year. Please bring a picnic lunch and/or snacks for your family. We WILL have water and Gatorade available on the turf fields.

9. Will the kids get ribbons or medals?

Yes! We'll offer 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place medals for a number of our events. The medals will be awarded to the top finishers within each age bracket, so there's a decent chance that your kiddo will come home with at least one award. ;-)

10. What about prizes? Will you have prize tables this year?

Yep! We'll have prizes available for kids who win tickets at the individual stations. Prizes include candy, bubbles, necklaces, bouncy balls, water guns, and small toys. We'll also have gift cards in our raffle baskets. Kids are welcome to put their tickets in the raffle jars (for a chance to win a gift card) OR redeem their tickets for small candies/toys.

11. Are dogs allowed?

Dogs are allowed at Spring Canyon Park as long as they remain on a leash.

12. What will my toddlers do at Field Day?

Adventurous tots are welcome to try some of the individual games and activities that are scattered around the field. Ring toss and beanbag toss might be right up their alley! We'll have bubbles and face painting for the littles, too.

13. What should we wear?

Wear comfortable clothes that can get WET! No white shirts for the ladies, please. Most kids wear tennis shoes, but bare feet are welcome on the turf fields. Comfort is key!

14. Are bathrooms nearby?

Yep! Bathrooms are located next to the pavilions, right beside our turf fields. 

15. Are there any rules regarding masks or social distancing?

The Parks Department is following Larimer County's guidelines, so masks and social distancing are NOT required at this outdoor event. Those who feel more comfortable wearing a mask are certainly welcome to do so. 

16. Is my teen able to volunteer to assist with the games & activities?

Absolutely! We'd love to have your teens volunteer to assist with Field Day. Most teens who volunteer to "work" find that they want to PLAY as well, so we offer hour-long volunteer slots in addition to full-day positions. This is a great opportunity to earn community service hours for those who need to meet graduation requirements. Also, teens are welcome to volunteer in pairs so that they can serve alongside a friend. ;-)

To volunteer, please contact Meredith Hooker ( OR text 404-452-1185).

We appreciate the team effort! It takes a village, folks! 

17. How do I order Field Day t-shirts?

Click here to order our 2023 shirts; they're only $8 each! ALL T-SHIRT ORDERS MUST BE PLACED BY APRIL 22ND.


18. What if I have more questions?

No problem! Email Meredith Hooker:

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