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Geography Songs!

Have you heard of Sonlight's Geography Songs? They are FABULOUS tools for teaching your child EVERY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD, plus the states and provinces of the U.S. and Canada!!! One of our awesome HUG committee volunteers recommended the CD a few months ago, and now after using it myself, I must second her enthusiasm. After only 2 weeks, my son mastered the names and locations of all 54 countries in Africa... and that's simply because he loves the songs! How cool is that?!

The CD is available for $22.95 on Sonlight's website... the CD comes with a workbook and a wall map, and I think the map is essential because the song lyrics are printed right next to the corresponding countries. You also have the option of purchasing just the CD for $12.95. Either way, the songs are a fun way to teach/learn geography. (Thanks, Mandy!) And thanks, Sonlight!

Do you know of some other great geography songs? Or music for other subjects? Please share your favorites in the comments section below. Thanks so much!

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